Putting it bluntly, Australia’s first shipments of medicinal marijuana have rolled up from Canada

On Monday, the first cannabis oils, in three different strengths, were shipped to Melbourne and Perth from Canada.

Previously, medicinal marijuana was sold on a case-by-case basis to patients, but now pharmacists can stockpile the legal drug for sale to anyone with a prescription.

Photo credit ABC Hack

To put it bluntly, the first shipments of medical marijuana have arrived in Australia, marking the country’s progress towards more accessible treatment for a variety of painful illnesses.

In February, Health Minister Greg Hunt announced that approved companies will be permitted to export cannabis oils and medications locally.

Director of Health House International, Paul Mavor told Hack the arrival of the shipment would encourage doctors to presribe the treatment and make the currently tough process less strenuous.

“It’s sensational to be able to get the products that are there to help people, some of whom have no other treatment options.”

“The first shipment was the hardest but here on it will get a whole lot easier.”

According to Hack, the government gave the shipment the green light after Mavor and a community of patients wrote to the government imploring them to act for those desperately in need.

Medical marijuana is legal in many places all over the world and in 2016 Canadians and Americans had their stankiest year ever, spending a combined $56 billion on weed.

Via ABC / Triple J Hack.