Qantas has been hit with claims of bikie gang affiliation

Allegations that around 150 Qantas employees with criminal links have infiltrated the airline, according to a classified intelligence operation.

The intelligence report named Project Brunello found that QANTAS apparently has ties to major criminal organisations and bikie gangs that are importing narcotics worth billions of dollars.

The report stated the suspected crime is “serious and represents a very high threat to the Australian border.”

Hells Angels
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Apparently, 150 current employees have criminal links and have ascended to high positions in the company.

The report found that Qantas’ air freight, ground crew, and baggage handling divisions were the areas with the highest risk of criminal activity.

Notably, The Sydney Morning Herald has discovered that there is an individual linked to Hells Angels bikie gang in the Northern Territory.

Odd story about gangs infiltrating Qantas could go a long way to explaining their inflight cabin service

— Hamish Keith (@hamish_keith) June 8, 2021

Another individual is working as a Qantas and freight contractor in Perth who used his “trusted insider status” to make large drug deliveries.

Another employee is supposedly affiliated with the Comanchero motorcycle gang who is linked to international drug cartel boss Hakan Ayik.

This person is working in a mid-level managerial position at Qantas’ Sydney airport operations and the report suggests he is a recruiter for other criminals in the airline to help import narcotics.

Qantas chief security officer, Luke Bramah maintains unawareness of possible criminal behaviour saying:

“Given we follow all of the government’s vetting procedures, we find these claims disturbing. We have not been advised of any current investigations of Qantas Group employees involved in organised crime.”

He also emphasized the reliability of the employment process as:

“Qantas is the only commercial airline that holds a Trusted Trader accreditation with Australian Border Force which means every single employee connected to international airfreight must pass a fit and proper test.”

As a result of these allegations, QANTAS shares fell by 1.9% this Monday.