Race Banyon

My generation is one that has truly grown up with The Simpsons. It was, along with Seinfeld, the absolute classic backdrop to most suburban families’ TV dinners through out the 90s. With that in mind, it is no surprise that the ridiculous characters and scenarios played out over the thousands of seasons of the show have shaped many of us.

race baynon

Case in point: Race Banyon –  the astronaut who flies on the space shuttle with Buzz Aldrin and Homer in Deep Space Homer. And also the moniker of Eddie Johnston, a multi-talented guy from New Zealand who has been making music under different projects since he was a child. Race Banyon is his electronic, instrumental work, one that debuted in August last year with the 5 track EP Whatever Dreams Are Made Of.

Only Sixteen is Race Banyon’s signature song. It was written in response to the media articles that continually described his music, as well as the work of Lorde and Name UL, who were all sixteen at the time, as incredible for kids of ‘only sixteen’. The nine-minute track is fucking groovy, dotted with unusual melodic additions and super clean production that really does scream “I’ve been doing this for years, step awf”.

Now 17, Race Banyon is regularly touring NZ. Keep one eye on his FB page for updates, and one eye on the prize.



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