Resonant Hand crafts a lullaby for the soul on his debut single ‘Kahlu’

Music holds immense power for healing and reflection, Resonant Hand knows this for a fact. Lush and teaming with heart, Kahlu is a song to soothe life’s most turbulent moments.

On his debut single, Resonant Hand (a.k.a. Mark Fulcher) has stitched a dreamy oasis for us to rest and recover in. Bursting with silky acoustics and soft electronic influences, Kahlu is a raw and intimate sojourn that opens our hearts and ushers in the healing frequencies that we have been missing.

At its core, however, the single is a lullaby with enough sensitivity to soothe the most ferocious of storms, boasting a sun-soaked nostalgia that lives within nature. It is a single overflowing with potential.

resonant hand

The music of Resonant Hand exists within the margins of nostalgia. Drawing influence from the cultures and sounds that he experienced in his childhood, his songs burst with a wholesome energy that speaks to Fulcher’s unique sonic sensitivity. Kahlu stands as his artistic catalyst.

Dying the soft fabric of a lullaby with shades of EDM, sacred harmonies from the Pacific Islands, and the tribal dance melodies of the Philippines, Resonant Hand offers up a fresh sound that is utterly hypnotising. It’s a beautiful mix of light electronica and acoustic textures that combine into a delicate melody, bursting with heart. Lyrically, his words flutter with a poetic air, managing to capture a deeply intimate moment in his own life while not excluding any listener in the process.


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3 days to go until “Kahlu” is available on all platforms ⚡⚡

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“This song was inspired by the birth of my God-son. I had become disillusioned with being a musician and had given up thinking I needed to be realistic with my aspirations,” the artist writes. “Holding Kahlu for the first time and seeing the fresh wonder of the world in his eyes inspired me to feel the same about my music. This is a lullaby for him that I hope will help him fall asleep and an eternal reminder of my love for him.”

Much more than a song, Kahlu is a beacon for regeneration and growth. It feels refreshing, as natural as the tides, and a deeply healing force to be in the presence of.

Dive into Kahlu below: