Reverse Garbage: what Sydney’s no-waste institution can do for you

Located in the heart of Sydney’s inner west, Reverse Garbage has been on a mission to reduce and reuse waste since they opened in 1974.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a Sydney-based creative who hasn’t been to Reverse Garbage. Their mission is to save “leftover and castaway materials” from going into landfill, in the process providing the local community a treasure trove of unique, rare, and utterly wonderful objects to reuse as they will.

In Reverse Garbage you’ll find raw materials for clothing design or arts, discarded models and structures that could form the basis of a film or theatre set, building materials, and so much more. In celebration of our recent Sydney Sounds sample pack consisting of recordings collected inside Reverse Garbage, we’re spotlighting this wonderful local institution.

Check out the Sydney Sounds sample pack for Ableton Live users here, and read on for more information about Reverse Garbage.

What can Reverse Garbage do for you?

The primary function of Reverse Garbage is to reuse materials for any purpose you see fit – whether it be a creative project, some home improvement, or maybe you just need some extra boxes for moving. There’s a place there for absolutely anything, from common items like PVC piping and other plastics to completely unique or novelty items.

Whatever the objects are, their primary use has been completed. It’s up to you to kickstart their second life.

But aside from the fact that anyone can walk in and buy a few items, Reverse Garbage runs reuse workshops for primary, secondary, and higher education groups, as well as more tailored workshops. Whether it’s a fun time for a few kids or a legitimately useful set of tips to help you run a more sustainable business, they’ve got a workshop or education session with your name on it.

Find out more here.

Reverse Garbage Sydney Sounds

How to Donate

Of course, a place like Reverse Garbage doesn’t function without a little bit of help from the community. Creating a more sustainable future doesn’t come easy in our day and age. If you want to lend a hand to this wonderful place, there’s many ways you can do so.

First and foremost, your unwanted items are likely to find a new home after a donation to Reverse Garbage. The next time you think about throwing something out and ultimately send it to landfill, it’s worth checking if that item would make a useful donation. As they say, “Just because you don’t need it anymore doesn’t mean it’s junk!”

If you’re not swimming in stuff, you can also make tax deductible donation, set yourself up as a member, or donate your time to keep Reverse Garbage thriving. Find out more here.

Find a run-down of the items Reverse Garbage look out for in particular, plus more information on how you can donate, right here.


To find out more about Reverse Garbage and to stay updated with any news they release, check out their website, Facebook, and Instagram.