Richard Cuthbert gets a perfect 10 for Swimming Pool, no splash

Australia has a knack for producing fantastic musical talent especially when it comes to indie rock. There is no point listing off as about three to five artists have already come to mind, am I right? This production of talent never ceases. At the rate these bands are popping up you could say we are a factory line for creating artists every 30 seconds then sending them off to take over the world with their profound lyrics and unforgettable melodies.

Richard Cuthbert Swimming Pool

With warm guitars and a knack for storytelling steeped in the Australian myth, Richard Cuthbert wins the Summer song competition with Swimming Pool. 10 points, no splash.

One of these artists we proudly call our own is Richard Cuthbert. He’s been in the music game for a while now, he started off in Sydney band Cuthbert and the Night Walkers (fun fact: they won the triple J unearthed competition back in 2009) and then in 2011 he left the band to focus on a solo career. Since then he’s been releasing EPs once a year, if that.

In November this year he released two singles, Swimming Pool and Rosie Bear. The chorus for Swimming Pool sounds very much like a Powderfinger song with his voice similar to Bernard Fanning’s and the lethargic strum of guitars creating a garage-rock feel. This song will resonate with every Australian especially with the repeating hook “We just want to get wet and cool/ please can you open up your swimming pool”.

Rosie Bear slows things down a bit and gets in touch with his folk roots. Think about a warm Summer’s night with a few mates and this song in the background will perfectly compliment the scene. In the past four years he’s released three other EP’s such as Winterlude and Richard Cuthbert & Edward Guglielmino Double A-Side released in 2014 and 2013 respectively. All of these EPs have had a psychedelic touch but now he’s moving on to a grungier feel, which works much better for him. Unfortunately he just went on tour in Sydney and Melbourne and there’s nothing planned for the future, so you’ll have to constantly refresh his Facebook page to get the latest news. These couple of new songs are proof there is something big for Cuthbert around the corner and as always, yours truly will be the first to let you know when something is about to drop.