How a separation can affect your mental health and how to get free help

Dealing with legal matters or contacting a firm is incredibly daunting and you need someone who you can trust. Enter Richardson Murray.

Separation or divorce is one of the hardest things that a family can go through. While the legal and financial process is incredibly challenging, so too is the emotional and physical toll that it takes on a person. A strong support network is a must for anyone going through a separation, in all aspects.

That’s where Richardson Murray come in. The Queensland-based family law specialists approach everything they do with heart, allowing their clients space to grieve, ask for help, and heal, all while taking care of the finer details. You never want a lawyer, but if the circumstance arose, these are the people that you want in your corner.

richardson murray
Photo: Founders Anton Richardson and Stephanie Murray

If you work with Richardson Murray, your representative will check in with you before anything. Whether you need emotional support, a focus on mental health, physical health, or a combination of all three, your team member will provide you with the right resources to help you heal.

Personal trainers, support from mental health professionals, or just someone to talk to; you know you’ll have a shoulder to lean on.

“Choosing the right support team is an important step in family and relationship law. At Richardson Murray we have a network of professionals who are experienced in matters arising because of a separation and who understand your needs,” the firm explain.

“We care for our clients and ensure that they have a shoulder to lean on and a hand to hold. We will make sure that you not only receive the right legal advice but also proper guidance.”

For Richardson Murray, wellbeing comes before all else. Although relationship breakdowns will always be difficult, having the process taken care of for you with empathy, compassion, and consciousness is a must. And, at the end of the day, you will feel worlds better for it.

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