Rick and Morty fans are watching season 4 on PornHub

“See you for Season 4 in, like, a really long time”, said a character at the end of Rick and Morty’s third season. Two years, three months and two weeks.

But Wubba lubba dub dub! Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith are finally back for a painfully short — five episodes now and another handful of episodes next year — round of new adventures on Adult Swim US.

The most perverted way of watching your favourite show? Or a funky way around regional deals? Here’s why fans are watching Rick & Morty on Pornhub.

And because “impatience can cause wise people to do foolish things”, some insatiable fans — but also people who don’t have a cable subscription or happen to live anywhere else than the US — found the first episodes on Pornhub a few hours before they landed on our screens.

The entire season was stuck between videos you don’t want to see such as Rick and Morty cosplays and Dick and Morty parodies.

But fans have been bragging a bit too loudly on Reddit and Twitter about their success watching the episodes via PornHub. After about nine hours on the porn site, the pirated videos have been removed at the request of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Pray for europe from r/rickandmorty

There’s plenty of non-pornographic stuff living on Pornhub. The porn site became an alternative after YouTube’s crackdown on hate speech, bullying and conspiracy-theory videos, and is now a popular destinations for musicians looking to evade censorship.