Roger Federer gives free online tennis lesson during isolation

We’re all a little desperate for new hobbies at the moment. The coronavirus lockdowns have forced us into an exhausting state of constant self-improvement. Perhaps you’ve taken up knitting, or upped your reading game, or bought two Roombas and made them fight each other. While you’re at it, you may as well take a free tennis lesson from Roger Federer.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion has offered his wisdom to fans across the world, taking to Twitter and Instagram to share a tennis drill with those in isolation.


Roger Federer has offered his expertise through a social media tennis lesson during coronavirus isolation. Why not add tennis to your growing list of hobbies?

Dressed in an exceptionally dapper get-up, Federer demonstrated a simple reflex drill. He then took the liberty of providing feedback to the numerous people attempting the exercise from home.

The post was viewed over 1 million times in six hours, and received about 1,300 replies.

“Classic, you guys are funny”, Federer replied.

In other instances, the Fed Express was a little more critical. “Luke & Leia got bored, or scared?” he cheekily asked in response to another participant, whose doggo’s quickly escaped the scene.

Ultimately, it seems that 1st place was taken by a fan who has forsaken racquet altogether. Let’s see Roger Federer win the most Grand Slam singles titles with his bare hands…