Sam Smith’s Vocal Cords on the Mend, Promising News for Upcoming Shows

In a positive update, acclaimed singer Sam Smith has shared news that their vocal cords are healing after a recent injury forced them to cancel several concerts.

Taking to Instagram, Sam Smith expressed gratitude for the recovery progress and reassured fans about the upcoming shows.

Following a concert interruption in Manchester, Smith had to halt the performance just four songs in due to vocal issues. In an emotional message, they expressed heartbreak over not being able to finish the show and apologized to fans for the cancellation, acknowledging that the situation was out of their control.

sam smith

A recent doctor’s visit provided encouraging news, as Smith shared in an Instagram video. The artist expressed relief, stating that after a week of vocal rest, their vocal cords are healing and things are looking good for the remaining shows. Smith emphasized their commitment to keeping fans updated and expressed appreciation for their understanding and support during this challenging time.

The cancelled shows in Manchester, Glasgow, and Birmingham have yet to be rescheduled, but fans were issued refunds. The tour, in celebration of Smith’s latest album, ‘Gloria,’ has been praised as their most vital work to date. The album explores the broader queer experience and showcases Smith’s authenticity and growth as an artist.

Looking ahead, Smith is scheduled to continue their tour with upcoming performances in various countries, including Switzerland, Finland, France, and Latvia. The North American leg of the tour is set to kick off in Miami on July 25.

With the news of Smith’s recovering vocal cords, fans can anticipate their triumphant return to the stage, where they will undoubtedly deliver exceptional performances filled with their signature soulful sound and heartfelt lyrics.