Beirut – Santa Fe

Santa Fe delicately masters the art of nostalgia, balancing melancholy with positivity. A sweet tune to keep you company during your lonesome hours.

When you combine indie-folk with worldly music, you end up with the wondrous sound of Beirut. Songs that speak the truth of  travel and experience, just like their latest single Santa Fe.

Santa Fe

Bon Jovi had a track called Santa Fe from the Young Guns II soundtrack. It was a wild movie and an even wilder song. This new track Santa Fe from our friends Beirut is pretty awesome. It’s equally passionate and takes you on a far-reaching journey.  The video is nothing short of a dramatic and poignant tale of love.

These guys are lyrically recognised for their deeply honest yet simple and nostalgic illustrations of the past. Their songs are riddled with tales of love, isolation, friendship and community. Beirut excel in recreating an atmosphere that is familiar; making us feel just at home.

“Santa Fe is Beirut at its finest. I haven’t been so hooked on one of their songs since Postcards From Italy. Regardless of where this song has been most of the summer, it will be blaring out of my headphones for the remainder of it.” – Beats Per Minute

“The pleasure in Beirut’s music has always largely been in what it evokes – a kind of melancholy tempered with optimism and sometimes celebration.”  BBC Music