Despite claiming that he will protect LQBTQ+ students, Sco Mo is still trying to pass religious discrimination bill

Scott Morrison is hoping to legislate the religious discrimination bill soon, telling reporters that it’s “something that should unite the parliament, not divide it”.

After struggling to gain overwhelming support for the bill with internal opposition, Morrison is attempting to appeal to the Labor party as the most viable path to pass the reform.

While Morrison promised to prevent the expulsion of LGBTQ+ students within schools, he still hopes to pass the bill protecting religious freedoms.

Credit: Mick Tsikas/AAP

The Coalition is split with a number of members still concerned about protections for teachers.

Member for Bass, Bridget Archer told The Guardian Australia that she cannot support the bill in its current form and Warren Entsch said he “never believed the bill should have been there in the first place”.

“I’ll continue to negotiate,” he said. “But it’s interesting that even the Australian Christian Lobby, one of the main proponents, has threatened to pull the pin.”