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SEABASS channel potent indie-rock power with incredible debut single

SEABASS has just given us an absolute head-whacking, heart-burner with her new track Body Close.

The track which was mostly recorded in a spare bedroom-made-recording studio, screams that unabashed, DIY sound but somehow maintains an amazing sense of clarity and balance throughout the tune


Minimalist in nature, but enormous on the vocal and guitar tracks, SEABASS are experts in the art of delivery, capitalising on the accessibility of their music, where it counts the most.

Perhaps it was the mastering finesse of the industry pros at Studios 301, but more likely, the brilliance of SEABASS’s addictive songwriting form and astute ear for instrumental balance is to be held accountable for such a replayable track.

Body Close hooks us from the get-go, drawing in the listener with a sweet and simple distorted guitar riff that bends across a few notes and instantly becomes the signature sound for what is quickly becoming a danceable, up-tempo indie banger. Pair this with some stripped-back but cleverly directed drums, and you’ll find yourself head-bopping without even giving consent.

Annie Siegmann’s vocals on the track are the perfect mix between Courtney Barnett and Isabella Manfredi from The Preatures, exercising a ‘no-mic-stand’ policy in the studio to give the track its standout, live-sounding vocals.

It’s certainly a song that shouldn’t be sung sitting down – when you hear the cries and urges of a spellbound lover for the never-ending affection of her partner, you can’t help but want to get up and scream Siegmann’s message from a rooftop on a rainy afternoon for all to hear.

Thankfully, the irresistible chorus provides some release to the love pangs which build throughout the track – a raw demand for that special type of company which everyone longs for from time to time.

Get amongst SEABASS through their socials and have yourself a thorough listen.

Rinse and repeat their new track Body Close below:


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October 10, 2019