Shows – The Ancients LP launch + Day Ravies + Black Springs

The Ancients are a guitar band led by Johnathan Mitchell from Melbourne supergroup Mum Smokes signed to Melbourne legends Chapter Music. They’ve just released an LP called Night Bus and fortunately, listening to it is a shitload more pleasant than actually catching a night bus – no sweaty drunks, no key scratched graffiti, no dilated pupils and no unexplainable stains on your seat. It’s pop music with catchy riffs and swirling filters, a little lo-fi, a little Flying Nun and very very good. If anything it’s an album that describes the ideal night bus – clean, mid tempo and heaps of fun. Check out Night Bus below.

the ancients band melbourne

Tonight (Fri 13 Dec 2013), Sydneysiders can catch them launch this first LP through Chapter with support from Happy favourites Day Ravies, whose dreamier brand of psychedelic pop music will charm your pants off. These guys are also supporting legends Deerhunter and The KVB, so they must be doing something right – heck just give Tussle a listen.

Also on the bill are Black Springs, another guitar band with shiny, spiraling, multi coloured and wildly undulating sonic vibrations of gooey lo-fi psychedelic sun drenched country tinged barnyard indie/surf/60s caveman garage rock with delicate lashings of lofty droning pretty dream alt-post neo…. something. Or, at least that’s what their bandcamp says…

Tickets are the right price ($10) and the venue is pretty hype. It’s small and loud and full of fun and interesting people from the North Shore. If you’re going to buy a beer, don’t go VB or Carlton thinking it’s the cheaper option – you’re already forking out about $7.50 so you’d might as well spend the extra dollar and get a premium beverage. Festivities begin at 8pm.



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