Shows – Flyying Colours

Last month we shamelessly gushed over Melbourne noise crafters Flyying Colours’ self titled EP. If, like me, your favourite instrument is guitar feedback and you live in Sydney, we’ve got some good news for you.

Flyying Colours

The four piece are bringing their amp-busting live performance to Sydney’s recently refurbished Factory Theatre’s Factory Floor space. Built back in October this year, it boasts the regular quality sound that you’d expect at a Century venue, as well as the rare addition of an outdoor drinking space, a 2am license and cheaper beer prices. It is literally underneath The Factory’s existing larger upstairs theatre, so you could say it’s a pretty underground venue…

You’re going to have to act fast though and get your mits on some of those $10 tickets – the Flyying Colours show is at 8pm TONIGHT (6th Dec 2013). Where Flyying Colours are representing the shoegaze scene, you’ll be lucky enough to catch some more of the late 80’s – early 90’s alternative scenes embodied in the form of High-Tails and Strangers From Now On.

High-Tails brand of C86 indie will get your shoulders moving and your feet tapping and give you cravings for tea, while Strangers From Now On will probably divide audiences with their dark yelps and mature themes. If you’re a hardcore Pixies fan, gender studies student or beat poet, you’ll probably love the latter and scoff at the former – providing a great opportunity to get a cheap beer from that outside drinking area.