Shows – The Pretty Littles

It’s Friday! This means that you’ve been working all week – drudging away at the office, carrying out pointless administration and laughing at your boss’s bad jokes for five whole days in a row. Or perhaps it means you’re about to start working your job in the services industry. You’ve got days and nights of carrying dishes, wiping tables, taking drink orders from people who think they are Dionysus himself, sweeping spilt popcorn, wearing a dumb uniform, and mopping floor after floor after floor after floor. Or maybe you’re a student and you’re on holidays and have spent 5 days getting day drunk.

the pretty littles

Regardless of your personal situation, the perfect soundtrack to this weekend should be The Pretty Littles. It’s guitar music to wear flannel to, tunes to throw your head around to and beats to drink too many beers to. Their live show is 40 minutes of rock and roll bliss where you can forget the troubles of the working week. Lucky for you working class men and women, they’re touring their awesome new album Mash, which will begin at the hallowed black walls of student dive The Lansdowne Hotel tonight (6th Dec 2013), and I could not think of a more fitting venue to kick things off. A Sydney University student favourite, the dusty dive is home to cheap jugs, good food and loud bands with a dedicated sound system more akin to a full time live venue than to a corner pub in Chippendale.

The four Melbournites are known for their sheer quantity of raucous live shows, last year playing a total of 113 shows – a staggering statistic when you consider that there is only 52 weekends in a year. In all this time the band have learned a thing or two about string slapping and skin bashing, their live show being described as “fuckin sweeeet” by backyard revelers everywhere. In true Pretty Littles fashion, you can catch them play Tonight at the Lansdowne at 8pm and the Captain Cook Hotel at 11pm or tomorrow night (7th Dec 2o13) at the substantially more upmarket Upstairs Beresford. Take your pick Sydneysiders, either way it’s going to be rad.

Full Mash Launch Tour Dates:

Friday 29 November – Inca Roads Festival
Friday 6 December – Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney
Saturday 7 December – Upstairs Beresford, Sydney
Friday 20 December – Ed Castle, Adelaide
Saturday 21 December – The Loft, Warrnambool
Saturday 28 December -Espy Front Bar, St Kilda
Thursday 9 January – Frankies Pizza, Sydney
Friday 10 January – Rad Bar, Wollongong