The Shure MV7 is the reimagining of a classic for the podcasting era

The iconic manufacturer Shure is diving headlong into the podcasting boom with a new, purpose-built microphone: meet the MV7.

Shure, the global heavyweight in microphone production and design, has a reputation for quality and durability. They have applied this philosophy to the creation of the MV7, a new mic specifically designed for podcasters. Considering the recent explosion in the medium’s popularity, this is a shrewd move from the company.

The MV7 is inspired by the acclaimed Shure SM7B, but is packed with features tailored to the various needs of podcasters, with user-friendliness a top priority.

Shure MV7 Black

The MV7 ships with voice isolation technology that identifies a speaker’s voice and eliminates other unwanted sounds. There are different effects made specifically for the spoken word, allowing a user to cater for their own tonal inflection, with settings for ‘dark’, ‘natural’ and ‘bright’. The MV7 also has a mic position preset option that lets you choose ‘near’ or ‘far’, depending on your preference and speaking style.

You can connect the MV7 to the MOTIV app, the mobile app that enables recording, editing and tonal adjustments on the microphone. The MV7 has USB connectivity and built-in headphone monitoring, as well as a conventional XLR output.

To find out more go to the Shure website.