Single Premiere: NiteRunner – Toska ft. Andrea

NiteRunner creates chill electronica, which varies from being driven by the thrill of a chase, to seeing the beauty in the extrapolation of time. From the name alone I imagined night and neon orientated soundscapes, dusted with the eerie and film noir essence of BladeRunner ( perhaps the name itself is a dead giveaway), and after hearing his latest track, I didn’t need anymore convincing – this producer created the other world that he promised to deliver.


Niterunner’s latest track, Toska, showcases what this Brisbane producer has to offer, building up on his downtempo and instrumental rooted sound.

Brisbane’s solo project of electronic producer Daniel Suesskow; NiteRunner, has turned things up a notch with his release, Toska, featuring his sister Andrea. Inspired by the likes of M83 and Seekae, NiteRunner endeavours to capture the lush and melodic driven sound of these electronic artists.

Other projects of Daniel Suesskow are Tallowood; a collaboration with the brothers of Brisbane band Mitzi, as well as Dansuede. Previous releases of NiteRunner include his remix of Twiggy Lashes’ Beside Me (check out the original) and the nostalgically synth heavy track, Paddle poppin.

Toska is definitely the most ambitious track of NiteRunner’s so far with its mounting intensity – a track I would be cranking up if I was controlling a F-Zero aircraft – keeping me dangerously calm as I gaze at the backdrops of otherworldly skies, trapped in an intergalactic deathtrap of unrestrained speed .

NiteRunner lacks the risqué edge of artists at the forefront of this innovative and limitless genre. In saying this, he is working on elevating his downtempo and instrumental based sound by collaborating with vocalists.

With nothing but strength in his quality foundation, you can be assured that there is more inventive music on the way – add some more abstract and experimental beats, and NiteRunner will go far for sure.