Single Premiere: Pacts – Parts

Imagine this: you’re driving down a secluded, narrow country lane. There’s nothing but lush greenery, crisp mountain air, and somewhere nearby a brook is babbling. You get to a point in the road where the road has suddenly become no more. Unfortunately you’re not driving a Canyanero so the prospects of off road driving is pretty slim.

But your misfortune is to your advantage, and as you pursue the unknown wilderness on foot you can’t help but marvel at the majestic beauty of the land. As you take in all the serenity a wandering beat slips into your consciousness. That song is Pacts from Brisbane producer Pacts, and gosh darn it whaddya know? We’re premiering that track right now!


Let your mind wander to breathtaking heights with the new Pacts track Parts. If you haven’t heard Ryan King’s solo electronic venture yet, this is the song that shows his incredible potential.

As a high school kid who listened exclusively to alternative and pop-punk my first forays into electronic music was when a good friend of mine showed me Pnau‘s Wild Strawberries and together we made a funny dance that did not help us impress the ladies at house parties. Since then I’ve always been intrigued by the genre’s incredible versatility and potential, and since the rise of the bedroom DJ in recent years the scene is now brimming with talent. Which brings us to Pacts, and given the level of his production skills it is surprising to learn that he has only been pursuing music professionally for under a year.

Pacts is known to his mother as Ryan King, although I guess she would just call him Ryan. Unless she was really mad at him. Anywho, Ryan is a young Brisbanite who has making beats and synthesising synths for only a little while now but is already showing enormous potential. What is clearly apparent on Parts is the superior production value. As I mentioned before there are indeed many talented bedroom producers, but not all of them have the chops to churn out something good. What Ryan has accomplished here is a track I’d expect to hear on FBI’s electronic show. The synths wade in gently like the rising sun over a calm ocean. The beat is simple yet dynamic without becoming overbearing as it creeps onto the track.

I mentioned beforehand that Parts has a dynamic element, and it is that which really makes the song special. It certainly has the chill electro vibes that is essential for anyone’s ‘lying by the pool in the sun’ playlist, but those beats really drive the track to a whole new level, and the potential for a remix is practically inviting itself. But what is really fascinating about this song is the feeling of adventure and discovery it evokes. The way the song is structured gives the impression of one wandering into an undiscovered world as it seems to speak to humanity’s natural curious instincts.

If you’ve enjoyed this here spiel then check out Pacts socials and give him a good old ‘like’, and hopefully we’ll be hearing a lot ore form this gentleman soon.



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