Single Premiere: Pepa Knight – Coyote Choir (Cavaliers of Fun remix)

‘Tipi jam” is a bizarre genre to pin down. Does the music have to be made whilst residing inside a tipi? Is it music to be played only in a tipi and nowhere else? Or is it music made to embody the spirit of the tipi? I could ponder the mysteries of the tipi jam long into the night, but instead I’ll resign myself to the whimsical melodies of the man who coined the term, Pepa KnightMr. Knight has been winning over the hearts and minds of people across the country with his sitar and mountain sage-esque good looks. And to kick off his 2015 Pepa Knight has collaborated with Cavaliers of Fun for a remix of Coyote Choir premiered here on Happy!

Pepa Knight

Cavaliers of Fun’s synth-tastic, slow jam remix of Pepa Knight’s Coyote Choir is tipi-tastic! Read on for our Q&A with Pepa.

If you’re scratching your head wondering who Cavaliers of Fun are then allow me to introduce you. COF is a one man electro-pop machine by the name of Ricco Vitali. Hailing from Portugal Ricco has been mixing space like synth sounds together for the last five years. The playful nature that is so apparent in his music really shines through, and make him the perfect match for Pepa’s Coyote Choir. But instead of me talking about him, we took some time to sit down with Pepa Knight himself to talk about the collaboration.

HAPPY: You do a lot of the managing for Pepa Knight yourself so needless to say a collab with Cavaliers of Fun wasn’t someone else’s idea. So how did you first meet Cavaliers of Fun and what made you want to work with him?

PEPA: Well it kinda just happened organically. I’ve always been keen to hear someone else’s take on one of my songs and it just so happens that Ricco (AKA Cavaliers Of Fun) emailed me from Portugal about remixing a song at the exact time I was looking for someone. I listened to his tunes on soundcloud & his kick ass remix of Outkast’s Roses and was totally froffing on his production & cool vibes.

HAPPY: Were you involved with the remix much, or did you leave it up to Cavaliers Of Fun?

PEPA: I was actually planning to get really hands-on with the remix but what he ended up sending back was perfect. There was nothing I wanted to change. I think it is actually better than my version.

HAPPY: As we mentioned before you do most of the managing for Pepa Knight yourself, what does that entail? Has exposure to the industry with Jinja Safari helped in this regard?

PEPA: Yeah I guess being a part of Jinja Safari gave me an idea of how it all works & introduced me to some good people to know but at the same time, we were spoilt little princesses and really never had to do anything. Our managers Matt, Blake & Leon from Hello Pavement did everything for us and so I never experienced how much work goes into managing a project until now. It’s been a good learning curve though, planning releases & tour dates, booking flights and accom for 6 band members and writing heaps and heaps of emails. I have been funding it myself, doing all the art and heavily involved with the visuals & filmclips too so it can get overwhelming at times but it is a lot of fun and I get a lot more enjoyment out of it in the process.
HAPPY: You recently became a dad, so first off congrats man!!! Does that change your perspective on how you prioritise things between being Pepa Knight the family man and Pepa Knight the tipi jam man?
PEPA: Yeah for sure! I have been on tour with Kim Churchill for last month & so I have noticed myself really craving to come home to see my lil dude and what new trick he has learnt each week. I am lucky that my studio is set up in my backyard so when I’m not touring, I am always around with Biko. Sometimes he is on my lap while I am recording or editing in the tipi.
HAPPY: Every knight needs a trusty steed. Since you are a ‘knight’ of sorts what, or who, would you choose as your steed?

PEPA: Haha true. Musically for this project, I would have to say my mate Daniel Lee Kendall. I’ve never ridden him of course but when it comes to gettng feedback on my songs he never holds back with his truth nuggets. Otherwise the guys from Rare Finds have been the biggest help with this project and I couldn’t have done any of it without there help.

HAPPY: Your mates at Happy always write about things that make us feel so gosh darn delighted, so what makes you Happy?

PEPA: Hanging out with you cool dudes, doing this interview. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)