Slapjack delivers the ultimate groovy funk track ‘Kinda Funny’

As smooth as a caramel chocolate fudge swirl, Slapjack bounce back with their fresh new groove Kinda Funny.

Jumping into a whimsical rabbit hole of the golden funk era, Slapjack bring groove back with their new single Kinda Funny.

The track oozes with their groovy basslines and pastel colours that burst with each intricate layer of sound. The seven-piece band melt together like a sweet ice-cream sundae, and you can’t help but jump in and dance to it.

Photograph: Tara Campbell Photograph, @taracampbellphoto

Kinda Funny is the first release since the band’s debut EP The People That You Meet which came out on the brink of covid last year. One thing that can’t be tamed is Slapjack’s vibrations that tingle the legs, making you boogie whether you want to or not.

The funk/soul group soar with their completely unique sound to the current music climate and although they barely fit on the stage, the tunes are delivered with such power and groove it“will even make your dad cry”. 


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Kinda Funny stems from the dance floor built by Earth Wind and Fire, Parcels and Vulfpeck. The track unpacks the awkward bump-in with an old friend, being forced to reminisce on old memories and whiz through the usual “we should catch up” routine.

In an unusual Slapjack manner, the song was mixed from the fortress of the group’s home rather than in a studio. Bass player Ben Moonen stepped up and produced the track himself.


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The single could not have been catapulted at a more perfect time, as dancing returns and the dusty disco ball spins once more. Slapjack can finally unleash their iconic funk, with their incredible guitar hooks, and spongy synths.

There is simply no Aussie band quite like Slapjack, a seven group force that electrifies their listeners with their rainbow bus of sound, the kind of groove that you see Napoleon Dynamite boogying to.

Have a listen to Kinda Funny below: