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How smart technology can be harnessed to protect your stuff

If insurance is in the news, it’s usually for the wrong reasons. But Honey Insurance is harnessing tech to change the game.

Insurance is a bit of a dirty word. It’s also one of those topics that have launched many a soul-numbing conversation between parents and their adult children. Honey Insurance is a newly arrived player to the Australian scene that’s aiming to shake up an industry that could definitely use some fresh ideas.

With research indicating that many Aussies are underinsured and forking out thousands for cumbersome, ineffective policies, Honey Insurance is aiming to give people flexibility and bang-for-buck by harnessing some pretty nifty tech.

Honey Insurance smart sensor

Honey Insurance is harnessing smart sensor technology to ensure that easily avoidable mishaps don’t end up costing you an arm and a leg. When you sign up, you get $250 worth of smart sensors to make it easy to monitor the home from all angles, giving you the power to prevent water leaks, fire, and more.

And if the worst does happen, you get an immediate alert on the accompanying iOS or Andriod app.

Anyone who has attempted to insure anything will tell you the sign-up – or even getting a quote – is usually a drama. Mountains of fine print, an onerous amount of phone conversations, all for a policy that you never truly understand. Instead, Honey Insurance prompts you to enter your details and searches databases in the background about your house.

So no filling in forms for half an hour, it hits you back with a quote in a few minutes. You can have your afternoon back!

Whether you sign up or not, Honey Insurance makes the process of protecting your stuff a piece of cake. Head over to the website for all the details.