Some bands pull fans with jubilance. Dying Adolescence earn theirs with loss and lonliness

Aside from making up Neighbourhood Void and Bleeding Knees Club, Michael Barker also has his own unique solo project under the name Dying Adolescence.

The half Indonesian, half Chilean multi-instrumentalist ventured solo after feeling the need to express himself independently, and has done so with a multitude of praised records, his most recent released in January, called Lonely.

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Photo: Dying Adolescence on Facebook

Michael Barker is pouring his heart and soul into Dying Adolescence, capturing the attention of listeners worldwide with his relatable experiences.

As his fundamental intention, Barker has been writing and recording in solitude. He’s slowly phasing out of  live gigs with a band, where the goal is to eventually perform solo.

If their name reveals anything, it’s that Dying Adolescence gives Barker the opportunity to explore and communicate his real life experiences.

“Love, sadness and loss can be seen a lot in my music. If anything significant happens or I  find meaning in something I’ll try write music from it.”

Their latest EP was recorded in Barker’s own bedroom, where lyrics and sonics were inspired by aspects of loneliness and his sense of solitude.

“It was all recorded in my bedroom and I really wanted it to sound beautiful and sublime. The lyrics play the most important part, I think as all song lyrics relate in one way or another. While writing I also imagined it to be listened alone, walking home at night, watching the stars, sitting around a campfire or any time at night/early morning.”

The first track, also titled Lonely, is fanciful and melodically simplistic with pining lyrics throughout – like an ethereal nursery rhyme that packs a punch. It is a perfect preamble to the celestial flow of music that ensues.

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While he says “people after shows come up to me telling me they have had the same experiences,” the 19 year old has been receiving attention from around the globe. Listeners are reaching out particularly from South America to show their support and as they say, “telling me they understand and that it helps them.”

By the end of 2017, Dying Adolescence hope to pump out a full album, but right now Barker is laying low and committing to his roles in Neighbourhood Void and Bleeding Knees Club.