Somebody has turned the new Arctic Monkeys album into an 8-bit masterpiece

Over the last few years, Youtube user DaveBits has garnered himself a fair amount of attention for his mad skills at turning rock bangers into nostalgic-inducing 8-bit anthems.

Foo Fighters, Queens of The Stone Age, Jake Bugg and Royal Blood are a few of the artists that the Youtuber has worked his magic on, but it’s Arctic Monkeys that seem to be his main obsession.

Arctic Monkeys

A Youtuber has turned Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino and Four Out of Five from the new Arctic Monkeys album into 8-bit masterpieces.

Brainstorm, R U Mine, and Do I Wanna Know? are just a few AM tracks that he’s retro-fied, turning them into something that wouldn’t be out of place backing a boss battle on Mortal Kombat or Pokemon. Now he’s turned his attention to Tranquility Base Hotel + Casio, the grand yet divisive new album from the Sheffield four-piece.

So far the album’s title track, as well as lead single Four Out of Five, have gotten the 8-bit treatment, stripping them of their loungey, Bowie-esque quality down to their barest Gameboy-ready form.

For any gear nerds out there who are intrigued about what software he’s using, he mentioned GXSCC and TuxGuitar in an old post.

Check them out below.