Someone has built an epic Unknown Pleasures GIF generator. Endless fun lies within.

The artwork for Joy Division‘s seminal 1979 record, Unknown Pleasures, has become almost as iconic as the album itself and is easily one of the most recognisable LP covers of all time.


You know the classic cover of Joy Division’s seminal record Unknown Pleasures? Well some legend made a GIF generator so you can make your own version of the art in moving waveform. Have fun.

Peter Saville designed the art based on an image that Joy Division guitarist Bernard Sumner had found in a copy of The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Astronomy from 1919 of radio waves from pulsar CP.

Now you can make your own personalised version of the Unknown Pleasures album cover with a waveform GIF generator built by a bloke named Garrett Finucane.

Endless fun lies within. Enjoy!

Here is a sample below.

unknown pleasures