Sons et al

Sons et al is a name you may not yet know, but it’s certainly one that you will remember. Hailing from Melbourne, this four-piece ooze a kind of style and sophistication that is so perfectly polished but so rare to find. They’ve been likened to the legendary Neil Finn of Crowded House fame, and in my opinion, the boys of Sons et al are the real deal.

sons et al band

After forming in 2012, the band’s hard work has payed off in the form of a beautiful (and highly anticipated) debut EP Godspeed. It will be available for your listening pleasure on March 14th, and features the band’s much-loved singles Wayward and Misshaped Mouth, as well as their gem Day By Day which is now accompanied by a über cool video shot by the genius that is Carl Moleta.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Melbourne or Adelaide, then catch the Sons Et Al boys on the final leg of their national tour on the following dates…

March 27th @ The Workers Club, Melbourne

March 28th @ Rocket Bar, Adelaide



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