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Fresh off the release of their brand new video, we caught up with SouthScope for a chat

Since forming in 2016, Sydney siblings SouthScope have produced consistently great indie rock music. It’s airy, ethereal, and completely endearing.

Now today, just as they release their brand spankin’ new video for What Went Wrong, we caught up with the band to chat about how the new music came together, and what it’s like playing in a band with your siblings.

Having just dropped their incredible new video for What Went Wrong, we caught up with SouthScope to chat about recording new music and what it’s like to play in a band with your siblings.

HAPPY: Hey there everyone, how are things? What are you up to at the moment?

SOUTHSCOPE: G’day, things are great thanks! Just been prepping everything for the upcoming single release.

HAPPY: Tell us a little about how SouthScope came together?

SOUTHSCOPE: SouthScope came together mid 2016 when I moved to Sydney after a 5 year stint living overseas in Stockholm, Sweden. Tyrone (drums) and Ruby (bass), also my siblings were living in Sydney too. I’d always jammed around with Ty over the years growing up so I always had the dream of starting a band with him some day. We would need a bass player though and Ruby was first choice in my mind and after putting the idea to her she was super keen, so we jumped at the opportunity to start this project together.

HAPPY: What’s it like playing in a band with your siblings? You guys must have a pretty awesome relationship.

SOUTHSCOPE: I personally love it! We grew up listening to a wide range of music and ended up liking a lot of the same stuff, so we connect and understand each other very well.

HAPPY: What’s the best part and the worst part of being in a family band?

SOUTHSCOPE: When writing and jamming new ideas together, the natural biological chemistry does it’s job haha. Very few words need to be said before we’re all on the same page! It’s one of my favourite things to watch happen! Hm…the worst part for me is wasting their beautiful voices on backing vocals haha. We’ll have to switch it up some day. They both have amazing vocal talent.

HAPPY: We really dig your Hindsight EP. Who did you work with recording this one?

SOUTHSCOPE: Thank you! We’re stoked to hear you guys like it! We recorded the Hindsight EP with an old friend of mine, Zachary Miller. He owns and runs Target Hearts Studios. He has a great set up in his home in Lismore so we road tripped up for a long weekend and got to work on it. Zach brought a lot of great ideas to that EP and we’ve worked with him again recently.

HAPPY: Is the EP a sign of things to come, sonically, or are you looking to develop your sound a little further?

SOUTHSCOPE: The Hindsight EP was an honest portrayal of where we were a couple of years back. But we really feel that we have developed our sound since then. After gigging around quite a lot we’ve really settled into what we represent and have really tried to capture that on our upcoming single.

HAPPY: You’ve been in the studio recently, yeah? What are you working on?

SOUTHSCOPE: Yes we have! Went back to Target Hearts Studios a couple of months back and recorded a few new songs with Zach. We are super excited to drop our new single What Went Wrong with a music video TODAY!

HAPPY: Do you have any shows coming up?

SOUTHSCOPE: We have a bunch of shows through September but our single launch show will be held at The Record Crate on September 21st!

HAPPY: Thanks for the chat!

SOUTHSCOPE: Thanks so much for having us and for the premiere of our new single!

Watch the video for What Went Wrong above.


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August 14, 2018