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Horse-sized ducks or duck-sized horses? Space Carbonara and Vacations interview each other

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Space Carbonara and Vacations are two bands you should be all over right now. The former have just released their dynamite new single Sticky Baby, and the latter’s recently released LP Changes is some of the finest music we’ve heard out of Newcastle this year.

Ahead of Space Carbonara’s Sticky Baby single launch this Thursday at The Lansdowne, we teed up a little chinwag between Dave from the band and Campbell from Vacations.

vacations space carbonara

Photos: Dani Hansen / David Fulham

Essential gear, Euro tours, and horse-sized ducks: Dave from Space Carbonara and Campbell from Vacations sit down for a chat.

Space Carbonara interviews Vacations

DAVE: What did you and the band get up to during your downtime in Europe?

CAMPBELL: Downtime for us was mostly spent in the van travelling to the next city. Reading books, watching movies, talking about anything and everything got us through. Also, huge shoutout to sleeping because I’d crashed so hard some days that I’d wake up in another country at the venue we were playing at and would roll out of my seat to start loading out our gear.

If we weren’t traveling, we might have had a few hours before a show to check out some local sights or hit up a pub. I think we only had three full days off on tour where we could really sink our teeth into the culture and explore the city, highlight for me would of been German Labour Day when we were in Berlin. The whole city comes out onto the streets and throws a huge party, it was so beautiful and it was exactly what we needed.

DAVE: What’s next for Vacations?

CAMPBELL: I’m starting to make some moves again after a month off from touring Europe, I really needed the rest. I’ve been demoing ideas for the next release and planning a few tours for this year and next, also looking into getting a manager because everyone and myself knows I need it at this point (if you’re a manager and reading this right now hit me up at [email protected]).

DAVE: Strangest experience at one of your shows?

CAMPBELL: The strangest thing to happen at one of our shows was when we played with Raave Tapes for their Shut Down event at Argyle House in Newcastle. Before we even played the room was completely packed out, people were trying to cram their way in, it was really cosy. Our stage had no barrier so it felt pretty intimate. During Relax I unintentionally crowd surfed during the guitar solo and then was able to make my way back just in time to sing the second verse. I said my thank you to the crowd in between my singing.

DAVE: Is there any piece of gear you’ll never part with?

CAMPBELL: I don’t think I’ll ever part with my Guyatone Mosrite copy. I placed a bid on eBay for it at 3am after a night out and when I woke up I got an email saying that I won! That guitar was so broken when I got it, but after some love and care it sounds and feels like nothing else I’ve ever played.

DAVE: Name three songs you’re loving a TON.

CAMPBELL: Three songs I’ve been loving a lot are:
1. Moon Undah Water by Puma Blue
2. Lying Has To Stop by Soft Hair
3. Just A Stranger by Kali Uchis

Vacations interviews Space Carbonara

CAMPBELL: Why is your new album called Dolphin Man Returns?

DAVE: Dolphin Man Returns is the title track of the new album. Explained, the new LP follows a theme mostly revolving around Dolphin Man and the surrounds of its weirdly characterised world. Each song is about a different aspect or perspective where emotions are characterised in living forms, as vicious or as soft as they come.

CAMPBELL: Your debut album The Space Tape was done completely DIY, what was the process for the Dolphin Man Returns?

DAVE: The end result was rapidly different, but fundamentally within the world of song writing and how I approach things from the start, not much has changed. I recorded it once by myself at home and wasn’t exactly satisfied with it. Tried again in studio by myself and again, I didn’t like what came out of the other end. Steve like an angel descending from WA joined the band, and with a fresh live line-up it became more and more apparent that we needed to live track the new LP together. We ended up redoing the original songs at A Sharp Studios with just the band, as the energy was really lacking in the previous attempts. We used a lot of the same techniques we’ve been using for a while plus a lot of stuff we learnt during the diploma three of us did – maybe just with better practice now too.

CAMPBELL: What’s your favourite piece of gear right now?

DAVE: Definitely my 1967 Domino Californian guitar. Think Vox Phantom copy. Ever since I got it I’ve been in love with it. Scored it for $500 and it just fits my body really well I think, as in it’s just mega comfortable to play. The neck is a dream and the way it works with fuzz is really unique! I’m scared it’s gonna break one day ☹

CAMPBELL: What are your favourite Australian bands right now? Any scene/city in particular that stands out to you?

DAVE: At the moment, I’m really enjoying lots of Sydney bands actually! I think there’s tons of good local music coming out at the moment, the quantity of quality music is really really great! Some of that is – Party Dozen, Shady Nasty, WAWAWOW, Concrete Lawn, Naughty Naughty & The Good Boys, also not forgetting favourites of ours Bullshirt, Kimono Drag Queens and Rosa Maria! Stoked to have them on board for the launch party.

CAMPBELL: Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or a hundred duck-sized horses?

DAVE: This is a tough one. You see, a hundred duck-sized horses to me sounds very very cute. I’d happily let a stampede of duck sized horses stomp all over my tiny little body, I think I’d have a hard time telling them to buzz off. A singular, horse-sized duck however, is a different story. Imagine how loud the quack is. How much salt water is lased in its feathers. It’s terrifying. So really I’m choosing between fighting a lot of cute things or one very not cute thing, so maybe the giant duck on the pure basis that I don’t possess the ability to fight a hundred duck-sized horses.

Space Carbonara live

Thurs 5 July – Sticky Baby single launch – The Lansdowne, Sydney – Details
Fri 20 July – Otto’s House Party – The World Bar, Sydney – Details
Fri 17 August – supporting Almond Soy – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney – Details

Vacations live

Sat 7 July – with Raave Tapes – The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle – Details

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