Splendid Fiasco make heartache sound fun with new single ‘Heartbreak Bus’

Sydney’s groove masters, Splendid Fiasco manage to make heartache sound joyous with their groovy new track, Heartbreak Bus.

Dust off your dancing shoes and get ready for a new groovy band in town. Splendid Fiasco are a four-piece alt-rock/reggae outfit hailing from Western Sydney.

Known and loved for their sprightly and rhythmically-infectious tunes, Splendid Fiasco pluck away at your heartstrings, making you move your body and dance like never before. With influences ranging from Mako Road to Led Zeppelin, and from Pink Floyd to I.A.B, they manage to create a firework of grooviness.

Splendid Fiasco
Credit: Press

Their new single, Heartbreak Bus is a groovy track that will have you crying whilst you’re dancing. It holds a special place in the band’s hearts, as it’s one of the very first songs they wrote together. Heartbreak Bus is about the constant collapsing heartbreak stop after stop. The Heartbreak Bus has room for everyone.

Heartbreak Bus showcases delicious funky guitar riffs and lively drums that get you right into the swing of the beat. The fuzzy guitar and bass solo with velvety vocals soothes the pain of the hard-hitting lyrics. Splendid Fiasco send you into a whirlwind of psychedelic groove along with the deepening sadness of constant heartache. Who knew that having a broken heart could sound like so much fun?

Heartbreak Bus
Credit: Press

Splendid Fiasco will wriggle their way into your heart. With sorrowful lyrics masked by uplifting vibes, they will make you forget why you were even sad in the first place!

Stream Heartbreak Bus via Spotify below.