Squid The Kid brings the vibes to lockdown in his video for ‘Lazy’

On his latest music video, you are invited to lockdown in the Squid The Kid vibescape. Chuck in a bass line to melt your heart, plus a box of choco-pillows and we can guarantee that you’ll be feeling a bit Lazy by the end.

Times are incredibly tough right now. With a year that has produced more bad than good and it being far from over, it seems that keeping spirits high is all we can do to make the most out of a dire situation. Lucky for us, Squid The Kid has just unearthed a groovy new music video for his single Lazy.

Although penned as a bass-driven reminder to take a break every now and again, the Melbourne rapper’s latest release has captured the moment perfectly. His video is defining proof. ’70s visuals blended with iso-bound shots and comedy gold; the clip serves nothing but good vibes. 

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Welcome to the world of Melbourne’s most exciting rap newcomer. Although Lazy’s video will have you believing that Squid is this chill and laidback all the time, looks can be deceiving. The rapper works harder than any other artist out there, his two captivating releases standing as proof.

Conceptually, Lazy was born as a critique of burnout and the prevalence of this among young creatives; speaking to his drive, ambition, and talent for crafting nuanced tracks. However, the artist’s latest video has been tailored perfectly for our current situation. It’s light, easy, and brings some edge into an otherwise dark year.


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Opening with the sketch of your pandemic dreams, audiences are then treated to a collage of ‘70s framed, lockdown-ready shots. Xbox, coco-pillows, and some *clears throat* solid internet time; the recipe for an ideal iso, right? In my books, at least.

Stylistically is where the video really shines though. Director Sonny Mallari’s gorgeous analogue shots allow our current situation to simmer in golden nostalgia. Each shot feels weathered and comforting, bringing a new value to the track and to our appreciation of lockdown.

Ever since his debut, Squid The Kid has continued to deliver, hitting a home run everytime. His flow is unparalleled and we’re certain that he’s headed for greatness.

Check out the video for Lazy below: