New Star Wars schedule hints at unannounced video game

Bring Home the Bounty is a new Star Wars marketing initiative that promises a new announcement every week for the remainder of 2021. The official schedule confirms a Star Wars video game will be announced on December 14.

The Bring Home the Bounty model sure is a novel way of ramping up hype for everything Star Wars related. The new marketing system is reminiscent of traditional announcement schedules, it’s just that such schedules aren’t usually made public.

It seems possible, considering the sheer number of announcements that have been… well, announced, that fans’ love of all things Star Wars is about to be tested. I mean sure, a new television series or video game or comic book will prove exciting; but does Disney really have 12 high-quality interesting items to disclose before the end of the year?

star wars announcement
Screenshot: Star Wars Bring Home the Bounty / Disney

Either way, we are about to find out. I’m personally expecting some trashy decorative coffee mug collection to make up the numbers.

The announcements are currently denoted on the official website by somewhat cryptic stylised icons. One of the less ambiguous symbols though is a video game controller, which has been used as the hint for the December 14 date.

star wars video game
Screenshot: Star Wars Bring Home the Bounty / Disney

Now sure, this could theoretically mean that Disney is planning to realise their longstanding ambition of taking the third-party controller market by the scruff of the neck and shaking it until billions of dollars come out – but I think it’s more likely we’ll hear something new about a Star Wars video game.

Relatively recently we have received news regarding a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake, so it’s possible we’ll be getting more details on that title. Similarly, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is due an official release date.

That said, the possibility remains that the December 14 announcement will involve a brand new title, which would be a most pleasant surprise. Until then we’ll just spend our time contemplating the fact that we are now expected to get hyped for the announcement of an announcement.

So welcome, the dystopian future you heard so much about is pleased to have you.