5 minutes with Step-Panther before they play STFD

After a long time off the radar, Step-Panther returned in 2020 with Bike Lock. As they tell us, they’re back on the horse and more tunes are on the way.

Wollongong’s Step-Panther recently poked their heads out of the ground with Bike Locktheir first new tune since 2018. It came as part of Family Values, a killer compilation from Farmer & The Owl, the label a number of Wollongong’s finest contemporaries call home.

It plays like a slacker anthem, bred specially for the 2020 flatline. According to Step-Panther, it’s but a taste of some more new tunes they’ve been working on – hopefully coming your way nice and soon, too.

On Friday night they’ll be joined by Mac the Knife at STFD, a seated gig presented by Happy Mag. Ahead of the big showing, we sat down with band member Dan Radburn for the latest.

Step-Panther Brett Randall
Photo: Brett Randall

HAPPY: You’ve played a few COVID-safe shows between the three of you now, so what’s the secret to some socially distanced, live music fun times in 2020?

DAN: I think the secret is to just go with the flow and have fun with it. I didn’t know what to expect playing a seated show but it was actually pretty cool, the only thing I missed was catching up with mates after the show.

HAPPY: Tell us about Bike Lock? It’s your first single in a hot minute, how does it feel to be back on the airwaves?

DAN: It’s great to be back, we wrote and recorded Bike Lock in Adelaide last year with our friend Ali from Bad//Dreems. We didn’t really know what the release plan was at the time but during COVID we have found time to jam and motivation to get amongst it again.

HAPPY: Love this video edit from Steve. Have you checked on him since?

DAN: Hahaha I also love this clip. He made it while he was stuck in Melbourne lockdown. Pretty much sums the year up perfectly and is just classic Steve really.

HAPPY: What’s on the cards for the rest of Step-Panther’s year?

DAN: We actually just finished recording an EP which we will be releasing early next year, hopefully by then we can do a bit of touring. In the meantime time we have been getting into a lot of sports. Tennis, bball, and golf are all a regular thing for us now and we are terrible at all of them.


STFD featuring Step-Panther and Mac the Knife is currently sold out. If you grabbed tickets, see you there!

Step-Panther’s latest single Bike Lock off the Family Values compilation is out now. Snag your copy here.