The Stiffys

In 2011, two groovy boys in sailor suits came up with a genius plan – do a good job, stay positive, keep it limber, keep it fresh and sing about erections. Throw in some bass, drums and coolguy lyrics and you have yourself the rock-duo outta Melbourne, The Stiffys.

Making waves with their sea men tunes, Jason Leigh and Adam Stagg jumped aboard the ship of manhood with the release of their second EP We Are Groovy Boys. Marking the pop of their pro-recording cherry, the boys decided the time was ripe to turn their focus from male genitalia to more mature things, like boogie boards, kickflips, ladies and champagne. You know, cool guy stuff.

the stiffys


As thematically odd as they may be, The Stiffys pump out decent rock music. With an arsenal of bass-injected rock n roll beats their latest EP holds its own out on the open ocean. Swinging from head bangers Champagne, Gimme Me All Your Cocoa Pops and Groovy Boys to feel-good, if a little brash, dance tune I’m Really Good At Sex Because I’m Always Doing It, you’ll be doing the sexy dance before you know it.

Need I say more?

Just two more words, really. Boogie Boarding. Surf rock crowd pleaser and all-round cool guy song is pure genius – it only has two words. Opening with heavy drums and a raging bass line, the boogie boarding mantra begins, hooking you in all its combinational glory. Hard rock at its finest.

The Stiffys have also kindly recorded an online exercise series to get you in the groove for their Aussie tour. Learn essential moves like chop the air, have a roll and drink the drink to keep you fresh and limber at their show. I mean, when a band promises boogie board crowd surfing, lots of champagne, positive messages about believing in yourself and a few kickflip grinds for good luck, you can’t really go wrong. But heck, you might need that drink the drink move.



Thurs 15/5/14 Marly Bar, Sydney

Fri 16/5/14 The Lass, Newcastle

Sat 17/5/14 The Standard Bowl, Sydney

Sat 7/6/14 The Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, w/ The Good China

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