A dog, a recycle bin, and a music studio: The unlikely origins of Stones Corner Club’s hit records and merch

From Frisbees to Merch: How music producer Gellatly turned Zambrero lids into creative promotions for Stones Corner Club.

Gellatly knows how to make some great sounds. His latest project, Head of Home, is a masterpiece in production. From the Arctic Monkeys-style vocal crescendos in “Post Delay” to the pop-punk vibes of “I’m Blessed,” the transitions are seamless. And it makes sense, right? The guy’s got a background in audio engineering and sound design. No wonder he knows how to craft such dope tunes.

But that’s not all he’s up to, my friends. When he’s not busy making music, he’s out there creating frisbee merch from Zambrero lids. Yeah, you heard me right. Gellatly needed a way to play fetch with his Kelpie without hurting his shoulder, he stumbled upon a surprising solution: Zambrero lids.

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Not only did they work as a great frisbee alternative, but they also sparked an idea for a unique merchandising strategy for his music projects. Plus, his shoulder pain went away when he used them to play with his pup. So he hit up the Zambreros owner and got as many lids as he could.

stones corner club

And that’s where the genius comes in, but we will let Gellaty tell you in his own words.

“I have a Kelpie… like all Kelpies they love to chase things. After my first year of throwing balls and anything else I could get my hands on, my arm started to tweak… so throwing was no longer a good option.

By chance, we walked past Zambreros… and Jude, my dog, picked up a lid that was sitting beside one of their recycle bins… as if to say, “this will do!”

Turns out – not only did these bad boys hurl through the wind like a flying saucer, but the pain from my shoulder didn’t come back… Win-win!

Over the following weeks, I started to form a relationship with the owner of Zambrero’s in Tugun… getting him to offload to me as many lids as he could.

I grabbed all the artwork associated with my Stones Corner Club releases,  photoshopped them to fit the frisbee and went online to generate a QR code for my Spotify account.

I then flicked the files to my local printing mob, Redhealer Printing in Cooly and… booya! You just need a keycard, a spray bottle with detergent and some patience…  Business cards disguised as frisbees that actually work.

This was all part of promoting my new professional recording studio in Tugun,  Apple Tree Records. The recording space is intimate, sounds edgy and comes with all the gear and yours truly. You can hire it, and me, for $75/hr, with a minimum of two-hour bookings.”

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We personally can’t get enough of the creativity behind the biz cards, or Jude!!

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