Malaysian student discovers monkey selfies on his phone after losing it in jungle

A student in Malaysia discovers selfies taken by a monkey-thief after recovering his lost phone that had mysteriously disappeared.

A Malaysian student has taken to Twitter to post a series of monkey selfies and videos after retrieving his lost phone from the jungle behind his house.

Zackrydz Rodzi, a 20-year-old student, said his phone had gone missing whilst he had been sleeping late on Saturday morning, and he was not able to find it again until Sunday afternoon.

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Mr Zackrydz told the BBC that his father had discovered a monkey waiting outside their house, and upon calling the phone again, it was discovered muddied, just a few steps beyond the back garden.

With suspicions that they may have had a monkey-thief on their hands, the student searched through his photo gallery, discovering damning evidence against the perpetrator who had been up to some mischief.

Zackrydz tweeted out a screen recording of his photo gallery with the caption, “Something that you might see once in a century.”

While the monkey was only able to operate the phone as well as your grandparents on a FaceTime call, the footage shows the chimp attempting to eat it whilst also taking some incredibly photogenic upside-down portrait pictures.

With these monkeys evolving to the point of being able to take selfies now, we’ll be on hand waiting for when they’re the first to find a cure for COVID-19.