Sunrise’s David Koch is mistaken for billionaire with same name, cops Twitter heat for meddling in American election

Ah Kochie. Beloved host of Sunrise. Finance guru. Chief of Port Adelaide. Billionaire tycoon influencing American politics. Wait, one of those doesn’t sound right.

Turns out our mate David Koch has fallen victim to a case of mistaken identity on Twitter, and has been receiving plenty of online hate that is meant to be directed to an American billionaire, coincidentally also named David Koch. The American Koch (pronounced as coke) and his brother Charles have been heavily involved in the American political landscape, planning to spend millions of dollars to influence the presidential campaign.

David Koch mistaken identity

The Koch brothers control the second largest privately owned company in the US, with a reported revenue of $115 billion as of 2013. The pair have remained climate change deniers and have campaigned against global warming. Not to mention they’ve been accused of being the puppeteers behind presidential hopeful Ted Cruz.

Needless to say the Twitter heat has come down hard on David Koch, unfortunately it’s been directed to the wrong bloke.

Let this be a warning for anyone looking to throw some shade on Twitter; make sure you know who’s handle you’re tweeting too before you open the floodgates.

First seen on Sydney Morning Herald.