The 10 best survival horror games of all time

The spooky season is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than with a bone-chilling selection of gaming’s best. Here are the 10 most terrifying survival horror games of all time.

As a genre, it feels as if survival horror games has really hit its stride in the past ten years. Hell, past five maybe. Hi-tech ambient headsets, polished 4K graphics and horrifying settings have led to some genuinely terrifying experiences that really stick with you.

The most powerful thing about survival horror, and why I believe it will continue to grow and define the next decade of gaming, is simultaneously gaming’s greatest strength: putting you in the shoes of a character. And when you are seeing through the eyes of someone alone in an asylum who won’t move until you do, it’s one hell of a waking nightmare.

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Layers Of Fear

While Layers Of Fear has been accused of being a walking simulator, it is indeed far more and it must be praised for its rattling original themes. The story has you play a nameless artist returning to his Gothic 18th-century mansion.

You soon descend into madness, due to questionable paint ingredients, and it quickly becomes apparent that the narration is unreliable and you are objectively a very bad person who will “die to finish your last painting”. 

Few games make you question literally everything in the game world as your psychosis slowly engulfs you. “Hey, was that chair there a second ago?” Pure brilliance.

The Evil Within

While most modern survival horror games understandably adopt a first-person perspective, The Evil Within pays respect to the genre’s pioneers like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, and the over shoulder view is awesomely terrifying as the story unravels.

Horror mastermind Shinji Mikami created some truly grotesque creatures into The Evil Within and the pervading anxiety of having only one shotgun shell never eases until after the credits roll.


Blurring the lines between humanity and technology, SOMA is a horror game with a deeply philosophical underpinning. Frictional Games – the minds behind Amnesia – prove they are still the masters of survival horror, offering you no weapons but your legs to run with.

The gripping atmosphere of an underwater labyrinth known as PATHOS-II is openly reminiscent of Bioshock’s Rapture in all the best ways. You play Simon who has to escape from an existential nightmare of strangely human robots before the sea crushes you completely.

Dead Space

Dead Space is the progenitor to all modern sci-for horror games and breathed new life into the dormant genre. Isaac Clarke is investigating a deep space mining ship that has been infested with monsters known as Necromorphs and the void of space is the perfect setting for grotesque horror.

With plenty of firepower at your disposal, it certainly leans into more FPS territory than survival horror at times, but it absolutely nails the core elements of the genre. Its popularity and initiative in drafting a blueprint for sci-fi horror is undeniable and everlasting.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Over 20 years ago, one of the greatest and first true survival horror games was released on the PS1. Now the classic Resident Evil 2 is back and it has had a facelift. Not only does Resi 2 look flipping gorgeous, but the whole game has been rebuilt from the ground up.

It’s a time-honoured retelling of Leon and Claire’s horrifying journey through a zombie-filled Raccoon City with more gore, clever puzzles, and smooth gunplay. The perfect way to go back to the very roots of the survival horror genre.

Alien: Isolation

There have been many horror games adapted from movies over the years. And many have flopped before they even began, but Alien: Isolation is the exception. Its aesthetics are closely sketched from the designs of the first movie, taking us to a time just after the Nostromo’s demise and Amanda Ripley is beginning her search of her mother.

Hearing the haunting Xenomorph rattle through ducts above your head or stalk the hallway ahead is a truly terrifying ordeal. The gameplay is surprisingly challenging too, balancing survival and gunplay elements well. Along with the alien, intelligent AI can often be just as frightening, if not more so.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

While many modern survival horror titles take place in the future – I mean, what’s more frightening than the future, right? – Amnesia: The Dark Descent takes us back to the 1830s. It was deservedly a huge success upon release due to the absence of weapons and new insanity features, making you think carefully about burning any lantern oil.

Yet what made Amnesia shine was its hugely compelling and complex stories, acutely combining elements of history with science fiction and, of course, insanity.

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 is a dark game. One of the grimmest and most nightmare-inducing ever made in fact. Following a message from his missing wife, James Sutherland journeys to an ominous town called Silent Hill, and understandably, shit starts going awry.

Silent Hill are the masters of survival horror. They revolutionised the genre in 1999 on the PlayStation 1 and were the first to focus on atmosphere rather than cheap jump scares. Silent Hill 2 was a revelation and a must-play for any survival horror fan.


When I first played Outlast, I was so frightened and shocked that a game could so powerfully rock me to the core that I felt sick. Granted I played it with the lights out and a headset on around midnight, but I was truly, honestly frightened and very much felt as if I was the character.

Exploring an old asylum with nothing but a handicap that drains batteries with a vengeance, Outlast is incredibly thematic. Using a night vision to explore dark spaces, the grainy green glowing effect is very original and wholly terrifying.

Simply one of the greatest and most terrifying games of all time, Outlast is singular. Your only options are to run or hide.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The most famous survival horror franchise of all time took a huge risk in 2017 by tapping into the first-person titles waves at the time. The main story is complex, shocking, and completely gripping.

Finding yourself in the Bakers’ family home, a twisted shack in America’s deep south, you are in for the hell ride of your life. The horror is in your face, gruesome and gleefully evil. Plus, it can be played effortlessly as a standalone game or in VR. Proof, that 2o years on Capcom are the undeniable masters of horror.