High-tails are strung out on My Heart

Tales of young love never sounded as good as High-tails’ My Heart

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Summer. The nature of the season can be whittled down to several words; extreme heat, pool, beach (anything water related really), alcohol, festivals, sunburn and of course, fab tunes. Although great music is an all year kind of thing, there’s something different, and, even more, awesome about some real bangers that go perfectly with your silly season shenanigans. For this reason, Summer is when Sydney guitar band, High-tails make a stride in their success.

High-tails my heart

The Summer vibes keep on coming, and Sydney’s High-tails aren’t gonna let the crappy weather get in the way. My Heart sees them at their best so far.

The indie pop band trudged into the thriving Sydney music scene close to around two years ago with the release of their debut EP Sipping Tea To Make Music To Sip Tea To. Their sound is similar to the likes of San Cisco with light and cheeky vibes that remind me of Hawaiian shirts, sandals and ice cream. Now, a couple of stellar singles later, High-tails are ready to keep our summer burning for a while with their new song My Heart.

Recorded in Sydney’s Sony Studios in Darlinghurst and mixed in the Berlin equivalent of Newtown – Kreuzberg, the song was destined to have a unique edge to it. With Philadelphia Grand Jury’s Simon Berkfinger lending a helpful hand, this hit is ready to be served as a side to your holiday celebrations.

Firstly, what you’re all looking for in a good summer banger, some groove. My Heart has a relaxed, head-nodding feel that High-tails create using a meticulous web of syncopation. Although quite simple, the whole band needs to be tight for it to work well and pull off the job. And High-tails does it almost effortlessly.

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Frontman, Nicholas Griffith describes how the song came about. He says the band started writing this particular tune when he came back from a trip to Europe. Hence all the worldly references to New York, Champs Élysées and Marrickville’s own Hurlstone Park. In Prague, he had met a girl, and she had given him a paper crane. And from there it’s easy to assume there were some sparks, as the free and breezy vibes suggest.

The lyrics narrate a tale of a young and perhaps lovelorn traveller while the music tells this story in a sophisticated, yet quirky way. The central message of the tune is quite straightforward and easy to relate. The chorus is a cute warning- “it’s my heart so don’t you break my heart”. The music and the lyrics work well together to announce the ownership of their hearts boldly and in a very ‘matter of fact’ way. It gives a sense of carefree teenage naivety that I know some of us crave now and then.

A clean strum of the electric guitar will remind you of the Beatles in their early days. The do-whops that High-tails cheekily bring into the mix during the bridge will take you back even further. They’re fresher than mangos in December, I’ll tell you. And it’s been a long time since I’ve heard any artist sing in barbershop harmony style – I froth over it.

I can guarantee that High-tails will have you walking down the street to the beat, or nodding your head in the car, or synchronise swimming in the pool or just letting loose and dancing everywhere, anywhere!