‘That ’70s Show’ star Tanya Roberts is still alive after publicist tells press that she died

After unexpectedly collapsing in her home on Christmas Eve, it was reported that actress Tanya Roberts had passed away. Turns out that’s not exactly true…

UPDATE: Tanya Roberts passed away on Monday night following the premature announcement of her death. According to reports, the actress died from “a urinary tract infection which spread to her kidney, gallbladder, liver and then bloodstream.”

Yesterday, it was reported that our favourite mum from That ’70s Show had passed away at age 65.

However, the former Bond girl seemed to have no time to die after it was revealed this morning that her death was falsely reported.

tanya roberts
Image: Danjaq, Eon, Ua, Kobal, Shutterstock

After informing the press of the inaccurate news, Roberts’ publicist Mike Pingel today revealed that the actress was still alive, however, in a poor condition.

Yesterday, TMZ released a report confirming her “death”, with comments from Roberts’ husband, Lance O’Brien, on his “last” moments with her: “I was able to see her beautiful eyes one last time… Tanya had the most beautiful eyes.”

In an interview this morning, O’Brien received a hospital call confirming that his wife was in fact still alive. Reportedly, he broke down into tears of joy as the poor guy genuinely believed his wife had passed.

The former model and actress is most renowned for her roles in the 1985 Bond film A View to a Kill, Charlie’s Angels, and as Donna Pinciotti’s ‘dumb blonde’ mum in That ’70s Show.

Seems that Roberts really is a Charlie’s Angel.