Tashaki Miaki – Cool Runnings / There Was A Light

Today’s articles are full of fun names. Date Night At The Museum, The Raveonettes (not sure whether that’s fun or just kinda clever) and now Tashaki Miaki take the cake for the name that will leave a smile on your lips whenever you say it. Tashaki Miaki. Tashaki Miaki. Tashaki Miaki. But despite being unable to shake the smug, shit eating smile from my face Tashaki Miaki’s Cool Runnings / There Was A Light 7″ is making me feel a little on the sad side.

tashaki miaki

Wipe that smile of your face and listen to Tashaki Miaki’s Cool Runnings. This is serious business.

Something in the intro to Cool Runnings is giving me a real Mazzy Star rush. I know that’s a pretty average comparison to make when dealing with vaguely atmospheric female vocalists, but that combination of fancily plucked clean guitars and a bit of solid tambourine work is only making me think of one thing – Hope Sandoval’s wonderful eyebrows.

Also note that string sections seem to be back in fashion! It’s been a while now that strings have been absent from indie pop music, and I’ve gotta admit that they’ve always sounded a little tacky to me, like clean piano in a rock song. However, there isn’t really anything about the way that the strings flow with Cool Runnings that irks me like I feel that it should. 10/10 best new instrument.

While Runnings is the leading track, I’m definitely feeling There Was A Light a lot more fitting with my afternoon. The despondent American balladry is wrapped up in a dream-pop sheen on this Chris Bell / Big Star cover, and it’s really bumming me out. Is it this heinous 4pm caffeine crash, or is it something deeper?

Even that big fat guitar/cello solo is on the verge of jerking a few tears out of me, and I’d normally get at least semi-hard hearing that kind of thing. Seriously, I’ve been listening to Snowing all morning and this cover is making me like ten times more miserable.

The three dreamy kids will be hitting up some shows in their native California before heading over for a string shows in NYC, including one at a MoMA summer nights showcase. Hit up their socials for more details on touring and for news on a full length release – due ‘sometime’.



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