‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ reboot confirmed at the hands of the Tohill Brothers

The Coen brothers, the Safdie brothers and now the Tohill brothers? It might be the question to ask with a projected reboot of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the works at the hands of The Dig directors, Ryan and Andy Tohill.

Producer Fede Alvarez mentioned “The Tohill’s vision is exactly what the fans want,” also adding “It’s violent, exciting and so depraved that it will stay with you forever.”

Legendary is set to add the more historical Texas Chainsaw Massacre to their roster of horrors, albeit with an obscure directing choice.

The 46-year-old original follows a gentleman by the name of Leatherface, a member of a psychotic and cannibalistic family who more or less wants to slaughter a group of people with a chainsaw. It’s bloody and terrifying and great. The more interesting part of this recent reboot is the duo-style directing call by the film’s producers.

Recently and in the past, directing brothers have pulled off some amazing feats but seemed to have tackled more dramatic and historically poignant ideas. These include the Coen brothers’ No Country for Old Men and Fargo, or the more recent and contemporary Safdie brothers film Uncut Gems.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has a deep horror legacy, and now the film has been set on the shoulders of the Tohills who have but one feature to their name. They do however have a CV bolstered by some film and tv heavyweights in various other departments, ranging from the art department and editing on Game of Thrones and Best Picture Nominee Philomena. 

This movie has a chance to leave a new contemporary legacy with Legendary Entertainment steering the ship. Hopefully for Ryan and Andy’s sake, Leatherface isn’t someone to mess with.