The 1975 confuse fans with puzzling social media activity

British pop rock band The 1975 have puzzled their fans with a string of social media activity that, although vague, many be suggesting the band is on the point of breakup, or some other big change.The_1975_Olympia_Theatre_Dublin_2014_live_concert_date_confirmed_for_Friday_February_21st_buy_tickets_gig_headline_show_irish_tour_announced_Manchester_band_group_performing_in_ireland_music_scene

Yesterday frontman Matt Healy posted a confusing comic strip, seemingly created by the band, that suggests that band have, or will, go through some kind of transformation in the near future. What this will be, however, is still unclear. It seems a strange way to inform the public of a breakup, but this morning, the band continued the stunt by deleting all their social media accounts with no trace of a reason, and the band have refused to comment on any of the activity to media contacts. Check out the strip below – do you think this is just a legitimate break up, or a publicity stunt for their next record?