The Abbey Road crossing gets a makeover during coronavirus lockdowns

The famous Abbey Road crossing has seen its fair share of stars and tourists, The Beatles, of course, being the most iconic. Now, The City of London has taken advantage of the coronavirus induced lock-down and finally restored the beloved attraction.

After years of disregard, the Abbey Road crossing is finally looking fresh and brand new. Thank you coronavirus?

London has taken advantage of the current coronavirus induced lockdown laws to restore the famous Abbey Road crossing.

The Abbey Road crossing was made famous by *that* iconic photo The Beatles used for their final album cover. Since then, the crossing has become a hot-spot for a number of tourists and other celebrities, many of which have recreated the classic photo themselves.

Judging by the previous state of Abbey Road, there had probably been millions of people who had come just to walk the crossing themselves. Being one of the most famous spots in London, Abbey Road was way overdue for a pick-me-up.

Now the crossing looks shiny and new, just like the album cover that made it famous, and I guess we have to somewhat thank coronavirus for it. Strict lock-down laws have left the streets empty of people and traffic. It’s pretty much the perfect time for a repaint.

Check out some before and after shots below!


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#Repost @radiox with @get_repost ・・・ Abbey Road is finally being repainted because for once no one is trying to cross it 💚 📸 @gettyimages #thebeatles #abbeyroad #radiox

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An empty rarity #abbeyroad #Beatles #London

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