The Babe Rainbow

The idea of living in a suburb called Rainbow Bay both excites and intimidates me. Does everyone automatically assume you’re dripping with the essence of cool because you’re from some little hipster town? Realistically, it wouldn’t really matter if you were a part of the band The Babe Rainbow. They’re just naturally that cool. They offer up the kind of tunes that are perfect for the seasonal change into Summer – and I know it doesn’t feel like it yet with this weather but we have got to start stocking up those feel good, sun drenched vibes.

the babe rainbow band

I saw the film clip for Love Forever and immediately felt like I would do just that. Do you remember looking through a kaleidoscope when you were young and thinking it was the most jaw dropping visual ever? Mix that feeling with some seriously amazing footage of the band becoming one with nature and frolicking in wide expanses of green. I had barely even listened to the actual song about thirty seconds in because I was so distracted visually. However, once you focus on what The Babe Rainbow are offering sonically, you’ll be hooked. Rainbow Bay is actually a city about 25km from the Gold Coast of Queensland and these three dudes are doing a sweet job of representing their little hometown. Love Forever is equally unique and catchy – it’ll will leaving you screaming out, “Love foooooorever”, no matter how bad your singing voice is.

The Babe Rainbow are killing the low-fi and surf-rock vibe and have made it to the top of my list of bands to watch out for in the new year. In the meantime, if you find yourself in the sun-bleached, fun-filled section of Australia that we call Queensland, head to the Black Bear Lodge on November 30th, pick up a XXXX Gold and absorb the good vibes of The Babe Rainbow directly (if they play into midnight, it’ll officially be the first day of summer).



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