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The Band Woodshed chat their wild new single Gimme No Lips

It’s been a week now since we first laid ears on The Band Woodshed’s new single Gimme No Lips, but for that entire time, we haven’t stopped spinning it.

So, fresh off the single’s release, we caught up with the band themselves to chat all about it, how they approached this new single differently, and what the future holds.

Fresh off the release of their raucous new single Gimme No Lips, we caught up with Brisbane-based three-piece The Band Woodshed for a chat.

HAPPY: Hey, how’s it going? What are you up to at the moment?

TBW: Working hard to put on a great show for the Gimme No Lips single release at the Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane on the 5th of May. We have a few surprises for the release, so we’ve been rehearsing hard getting ready. We’re also launching our single on the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast over the coming weeks.

HAPPY: We’re loving Gimme No Lips! How does it feel having the track out there in the world?

TBW: We’re stoked. It was one of those songs that kinda wrote itself. It came from a loose jam… everything else seemed to flow from there. While it still has the Woodshed feel, it has more of a commercial appeal with its catchy melody and familiar guitar hooks.

HAPPY: Could you tell us a bit about the song?

TBW: It’s a lesson in getting all the facts before you commit to something, not to mention before drinks :) And that it may not be the best option to listen to your primal instincts!

HAPPY: Your band came together following an ‘off the cuff, drunken jam’, right? Could you paint us a picture of this first jam?

TBW: A birthday, a backyard studio space, very tolerant neighbours, alcohol in various forms and talent made up of dubious quantities :) Chad, our bass player, was the key ingredient. It was his birthday and he invited a number of muso friends around to celebrate with him. Something just clicked when we played together. We all felt it and Woodshed was born.

HAPPY: You’ve got a few tracks under your belts now… did you approach the writing/recording of this new single differently at all?

TBW: Previously our recordings have been done in one studio, recording, mixing and mastering. This time we used a number of studios. We were recording a couple of mellower numbers and found ourselves with a bit of extra time to lay another track down, so it was actually an off the cuff jam. Russ had a riff rolling around in his head for some time, and Chad and Jason just laid down what came to mind to support it.  A buddy of ours has a studio underneath his house. He invited us over to do some overdubs and also mixed it. It was mastered by Tom Beard from Jack the Bear’s Deluxe Mastering, to give it that sonic sparkle!

HAPPY: Are there any particular artists/bands you’re all really digging at the moment?

TBW: We really dig Lucero and got to catch them on their recent Australian tour. Loving the new breed of Blues artists who are showing us how it’s done, people like Gary Clarke Jnr, Marcus King Band, Benjamin Booker… but you know we wear our hearts on our sleeve. Bands like Black Keys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Jack White, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and local legends Mexico City all have a big influence on our sound.

HAPPY: What’s next for The Band Woodshed? Any other exciting plans in the works?

TBW: We’d love to put together a full album! We have plenty of songs up our sleeve, but, like most bands, it’s just about pulling the cash together to make it all happen.

Gimme No Lips is available now. Listen above.


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April 29, 2019