The Big Moon channel ’90s boy band steeze in new clip ‘Take A Piece’

The Big Moon are a four-piece out of London, established by vocalist Juliette Jackson – who, side note, should totally link up with Julia Jacklin – in 2014. They bubbled along for a few years with a string of excellent indie releases, but really garnered some attention with their 2017 Mercury-nominated LP Love In The 4th Dimension.

Right now though, The Big Moon are gearing up to release their sophomore album Walking Like We Do in January 2020. There’s been a couple of singles so far, but the most recent is Take A Piece, which comes coupled with a frickin’ amazing video.

the big moon Take A Piece
Photo: Pooneh Ghana

The Big Moon channel some kitsch, ’90s boy band energy on Take A Piece, the latest single from their upcoming record Walking Like We Do.

The clip, directed by Emilie Norenberg, sees the band wrapping themselves up in a cross-section of looks that made ’90s boy bands infamous. Denim bucket hats, all-white steeze, and fish-eye shots for days really do the era justice. At the same time though… thank Timberlake that’s over.

The atrocities NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and so many others were punishing our eyes with back in their heyday were something I thought I’d happily forget, but honestly, this crew looks kinda fresh.

Take A Piece, as well as recent singles Your Light and It’s Easy Then, signal a moment of elevated maturity for The Big Moon. Their first record was punctuated by a youthful energy and primarily love songs – as you’d probably guess from the title. These new tracks are still vibrant and refreshing, but the band’s songwriting has most definitely elevated.

Take A Piece, for example, deals with the throes of musical fame and the candid life you must lead to achieve it. Jackson shared:

“I’d just watched a documentary about this pop star and seen how insane their life was and their intense relationship with their fans, and was blown away by how much of themselves they’d had to give up to have the life they had.”

“This mega pop star’s life was literally nothing like mine but I could really identify with the vulnerability of being a performer and standing on stage every night and feeling the eyes of an audience, which can feel either grounding and unifying or – occasionally – scary and isolating, and something any performer can identify with, whether they’re playing arenas or the windmill.”  

However real the subject matter gets, The Big Moon’s music still rings with a gorgeous sense of catharsis and anthemic energy. We’re excited for whatever new sounds the upcoming album brings.


The Big Moon’s upcoming album Walking Like We Do is out January 10th, 2020 via Fiction Records / Caroline Australia. Pre-order your copy here.