The Company Of Men deliver sonic ecstasy on ‘Love The Ones Who Love You’

The Company Of Men craft boundless sonic planes within each of their songs. Over the past number of years, the Lausanne-based outfit have carved out a sound for themselves that defies any musical boundaries; it’s jubilant and cathartic, evoking an incredible feeling of weightlessness.

With a new full-length album fresh under their belts, the band have firmly established their far-reaching musical vision. And with their new music video for Love The Ones Who Love You, the sentiment behind this soaring sound becomes clear — it’s a message of inhibited love; it’s a message of defiant love.

On their new video for Love The Ones Who Love You, Lausanne-based outfit The Company Of Men capture the spirit of defiant passion.

Directed by Bastien Bron and Laetitia Gauchat, the new video features the band’s “man in Berlin,” Farhad. It follows him as he sings and dances his way through the city, showcasing the unabashed joy that lies behind The Company Of Men’s music.

“He can run like Rocky and sing like Pavarotti, he can love the ones who love him, and the others too. He can love like hell, given the chance. He’s got the spark, but he’s been feeling lonely these days in the empty streets,” the band write in the clip’s Youtube description.

And yes, the streets do feel a little empty these days, and loving people has perhaps become a little more difficult than it used to be. But if anything, this global pandemic has re-established the importance of love, and the importance of human connection. So, when the virus is over and the lockdowns have lifted, “we’re all going to love like hell,” and we’re all going to love the ones who love us.

The track itself is packed with this feeling of love. Lush instrumental arrangements and spirited vocal melodies weave into one another, creating a feeling of pure exultation. The world may in rough shape right now, but songs like this bring hope that things are going to be ok.

Do yourself a favour and watch the new music video for Love The Ones Who Love You above.