The Cure to release a never-before-pressed picture disc for Record Store Day 2017

Throwing their weight into Record Store Day 2017, The Cure have revealed a limited pressing of Acoustic Hits. The record has never been pressed on vinyl before, rather seeing release as a bonus CD on early distributions of their 2001 release Greatest Hits.

As it was released on CD originally, there are no shortage of rips online, making this seemingly rare record rather easy to find. But in the true collector’s spirit of Record Store Day, this definitely isn’t a release for the audiophiles: The Cure have opted to go with a picture disc.

the cure acoustic hits greatest hits record store day 2017

One for the wall, not the turntable: The Cure have announced a one-off pressing of Acoustic Hits as a picture disc, their contribution to Record Store Day 2017.

Picture discs are notorious for low fidelity, making Universal Music’s choice here a definite nod to The Cure’s collector fanbase. It’s rarity as a physical release compounds this feeling, and totally embodies the crate digging spirit which so many enthusiasts feel for Record Store Day.

That being said, it’s potentially shoddy sound quality will irk plenty of potential buyers, that’s just the way of things.

Acoustic Hits will be printed alongside a second picture disc of The Cure’s Greatest Hits. If you’re wanting to get your hands on either, make sure you get in early.

Via Dangerous Minds.