The Dos and Don’ts for music videos

Music videos are crucial to the success of a single. Like a magpie, we love things that are bright and shiny. Sure there are plenty of great music videos that have graced our screens over the ages, but there have also been some pretty shit ones. You may be in a band about to embark on filming your first clip, unsure of how to go about it. Don’t sweat it kid, here’s a handy list that gives a few simple, yet crucial examples of what you should do, and what you absolutely should not do in your music video. It’s the essential Dos and Don’ts for music videos!

DOs and DON'TS of music videos

There are great music clips and there are some stinking turds as well. Here are some simple rules to follow just in case you’re not sure what your next move should be.

DO have weaponised chilli flakes

DON’T stalk a blind woman

DO have the elderly dance

DON’T have the elderly dance

DO have super cute animals

DON’T have Fiona Apple death stare you whilst trying to sing the song

DO have puppets perform the song

DON’T use lyric videos

DO have kickass cameos

DON’T nauseatingly cram every celebrity you know into one video

DO have rope

DON’T have David Hasselhoff. Or DO have David Hasselhoff, we’re not totally sure.