The Drones – Making the Most of 2013

Try to find a band that has been busier than The Drones this year, just try. It is impossible.

The four-year wait for their sixth studio album, I See Seaweed, was immediately forgotten about upon the album’s release; it was a crashing, powerful force that was determined to leave you drowning in sound. I See Seaweed is not the kind of album that will throw you a life-jacket, it dumps you in the deep end and says, “swim”.

I See Seaweed is a triumph for The Drones. Each tune takes us on a ‘disembodied walk/ Down memory lane/ To the home of my late mother/ And my Youth’. This album feels like standing in shallow water, it circles and warms your feet, but leaves your shoulders shaking. It is both bitter and sweet, primitive and astute – Chaos Cartel

The Drones

So that was March.

The earlier half of the year was spent on the road and rising to the title of FasterLouder’s best album of the year so far. After that, they took a bit of a break… if a break is doing reasonably continuous gigs, interviews and writing new material.

And now – because every single release needs a tour of it’s own – The Drones have announced that they’ll be hitting the road again in September to celebrate the release of their single, ‘A Moat You Can Stand In’. This tour will take them nationwide and see The Drones pop across the Tasman to play a couple of shows in New Zealand as well; oh, also, they’ll be playing the festival circuit as well. So aside from their own headlining dates, you can catch this band of workaholics at Splendour and Harvest.

When The Drones make a comeback they sure don’t do a half-ass job.



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